ACT4PPP - Transnational action for Public Private Partnership



Many cities and regions in Europe, face the challenge of the increasing demand for public services and infrastructure; to enhance the efficiency of their actions, they are constantly looking for private partners in order to undertake joint public-private partnership.

Act4PPP (October 2008 - September 2011) is a project for the actions of public and private partnership: its purpose is to provide a reference platform to facilitate the exchange of experiences and know-how between cities and regions of Central Europe, and to provide the same assistance to improve cooperation between public and private companies.


• To disseminate models of PPP suited to specific contexts

• To improve local and regional skills

• To increase the systematic and PPP approaches-oriented application in various fields of regional and urban development

• In general, to enhance the involvement of individuals in the processes of territorial and urban development.




Partners involved in ACT4PPP are 17 and come from seven different countries. They do not only represent a variety of geographic and institutional background, but also different levels of experience and professional prospects.

City of Graz

Graz University of Technology

City of Ostrava

RPG RE Management Ltd (Ostrava,) Cz

BVLEG Federal Association of the State and Urban Development Companies, Berlin (D)

DV German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development, Berlin (D)

EGS Development Company, Schwerin (D)

Hanseatic City of Rostock (D)

Wohnstadt Projekt-Und Consulting Ltd., Weimar (D)

Marco Polo System g.e.i.e. Venice

City of Bedzin (PL)

City of Poznan (PL)

Municipality of Sopot (PL)

Bic Business and Innovation Centre Bratislava (SK)

IER Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana (SLO)



The territory of Casale Monferrato in the province of Alessandria, has been selected by Lamoro as the pilot project to be realized under Act4PPP.

The project aims to find forms of partnership with the private sector through which finance the implementation of projects concerning the production of renewable energies from the exploitation of public lands into disuse.









The “Langhe Monferrato Roero Countryside and Literary Park” project promotes the countryside and cultural heritage of Lower Piedmont through an itinerary that integrates several different “literary itineraries” to discover the places where some famous authors worked and lived.


The Langhe Monferrato and Roero Agency has successfully achieved the best international quality certificates according to the standard ISO 9001:2008

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