Cultural Capital Counts is a project co-funded by the Central Europe Programme 2007-2013, that brings together 10 European regions from 6 nations. Our common goal: to enable a positive development of the regions by focussing on our immaterial resources like living traditions, knowledge and talents. For three years (2011 – 2014) the regions will work together to utilize their cultural heritage for a positive future development. We are convinced that the knowledge of the people, their experience and their social interactions are the most valuable resource for our regions' development.


Why focussing on “intangible cultural heritage”?

We live in a part of the world where people have so much material wealth as never before. Nevertheless, they are so unsatisfied as never before. With the project “Cultural Capital Counts” attention will be paid not to material wealth but to the people and their culture – which is often neglected nowadays, to make them aware of what they can be proud of – of their origins and their special traditions, skills and knowledge that make their regions unique. We are convinced that focussing on the individual uniqueness of our regions will make them more attractive to their citizens, visitors and entrepreneurs!


Lead Partner – Steirisches Vulkanland – Association for the Advancement of Steirisches Vulkanland, Austria

PP 2 – Kulturpark Eisenstraße – Culture park Iron Road-Oetscherland, Austria

PP3 – Verona Innovation - Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, Italy

PP4 - LaMoRo development agency, Italy

PP 5 - Development centre Litija, Slovenia

PP6 - Local Tourist Organisation Bovec, Slovenia

PP7 - Winehill Sheperd Association, Hungary

PP8 - Sub-Carpathian Chamber of Commerce, Poland

PP9 - b&s consulting and training for the rural area GmbH, Germany

PP10 – Brandenburg University of Technology – Chair Intercultural Studies, Germany

Associated Partner: Austrian Commission of UNESCO - National Agency for the Intangible Cultural Heritage


LAMORO will identify, within its region, the best practices aimed at exploiting the intangible cultural heritage, with particular regard to literary aspects.

The pilot project will evaluate the positive experience of the so-called Fondazioni di Comunità (Community Foundations) and their applicability and replication in rural areas.





The “Langhe Monferrato Roero Countryside and Literary Park” project promotes the countryside and cultural heritage of Lower Piedmont through an itinerary that integrates several different “literary itineraries” to discover the places where some famous authors worked and lived.


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