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The real problem of many countries of Mediterranean Europe (Spain, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, etc.) is not the lack of an entrepreneurial culture, but the poor quality and dynamism of entrepreneurs and SMEs. The supply of human capital and technology to achieve a qualitative improvement in enterprises thus must be emphasized.

The Easy Finance project (June 2010 – November 2012), co-funded by the MED Programme 2007-2013, will favour the simplification and global access to investment opportunities for SMEs, and will tackle the necessity of increasing competitiveness of SMEs. Defining an integrated strategy agreed with all stakeholders to ensure a dynamic element for the economic growth, the Easy Finance Project will address the key theme of entrepreneurship and competitiveness of SMEs.


1. Favouring the access to finance for newborn companies and companies in need of capital;

2. Strengthening the mechanisms for cooperation between key agents for the creation of new transnational enterprises;

3. Increasing the rates of investment in innovation and boosting job creation in the MED space;

4. Promoting the internationalization of business that will benefit of a brand new  platform, called the Easy Finance Platform.


The project is run by 7 partners, representing 5 EU countries (Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia and Greece). Partners represent different  activity sectors (Public Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Research Centers, Universities and Technological Centers).

Lead Partner: Local Development Agency di Alicante, in Spagna.



Lamoro Development Agency

Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT), Spagna


Business Innovation Centre La Fucina, Italia


Patras Science Park, Grecia


UIP – University Development Center and University incubator of Primorska, Slovenia


French Riviera Chambre de Commerce, Francia



Thanks to the Easy Finance project, Lamoro intends to support the development of new ideas coming from SMEs rooted in our territory, and the development of new tools, methodologies and strategies to promote competitiveness at local level. It is important that SMEs, which are most affected by the economic crisis, are stimulated by the creation of synergies between the businesses located in the same territorial space, focusing in particular on the aspect of energy saving. In our idea, in fact, that savings could be invested in research and development and in human resources.






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