Itinerari del patrimonio vivente - Routes of living heritage


The "New Territory to Discover" Integrated Plan aims to promote a sustainable tourism strategy based on economic exploitation of the high quality natural and cultural heritage, shared by the Franco-Italian border territories. marchioPIT - Copia (3).jpg

Within this context, the specific project "Routes of living heritage" aims to foster the discovery of the most beautiful villages in the areas covered by the project (i.e. the Alps of Haute Provence on the French side, and the border areas of the Province of Cuneo, the Stura Valley and Roero region), creating a network and developing a coordinated program of local promotion and cultural heritage conservation.


To improve the accessibility of cultural tourism in the cross-border area;

To promote access to information, dissemination and transfer of methodologies and best practices on the restoration of cultural heritage

To strengthen the identity of local communities through the knowledge of the common cultural heritage on the territory

To stimulate the recovery of traditional economic activities, and at the same time to create employment opportunities, particularly for young people, within the restoration of cultural heritage sector.


The project involves 12 municipalities of the French Department of Alpes de Haute Provence, belonging to the Syndicat Mixte des Villages et Cités de Caractère, 6 Italian Municipalities of Roero district and the Community of Stura Valley, which has in its turn involved other 4 municipalities.

Capofila: LAMORO Local Development Agency, Italia


Syndicat Mixte Villages et Cités de Caractère, FR

Comunità Montana Valle Stura

Commune d'Annot

Commune de Castellane

Commune de Colmars les Alpes

Commune de Cruis

Commune de Dauphin

Commune de Entrevaux

Commune de Lurs

Commune de Mane

Commune de Moustiers

Commune de Riez

Commune de Seyne les Alpes

Commune de Simiane la Rotonde

Comune di Baldissero d'Alba

Comune di Castagnito

Comune di Magliano Alfieri

Comune di Montaldo Roero

Comune di Monteu Roero

Comune di Santo Stefano Roero


"Pilot sites" have been identified in the French and Italian municipalities involved in the project, for the restoration of valuable heritage monuments or locations.

The Departmental Service of Architecture and Heritage of the Alpes de Haute Provence and the Professional Associations of architects, restorers and planners of the Province of Cuneo, have been involved in the project to elaborate a common protocol and a reference system for the restoration of cross-border heritage, to be used as best practices for similar restoration works in the territory.




The “Langhe Monferrato Roero Countryside and Literary Park” project promotes the countryside and cultural heritage of Lower Piedmont through an itinerary that integrates several different “literary itineraries” to discover the places where some famous authors worked and lived.


The Langhe Monferrato and Roero Agency has successfully achieved the best international quality certificates according to the standard ISO 9001:2008

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