Musiche dal Vivo

Achieving a common practice of cultural exchange and artistic ability, giving hospitality to European artists across borders in order to create a series of shows co-produced and designed to operate in Italy and France: that is briefly the objective of project Musiche dal Vivo (December 2008 - November 2009).

Beyond immediate results, Musiche dal Vivo will help creating a wide, open and alive cultural and artistic community within the transborders territory, facilitating the optimum conditions for meeting and production between the musicians.





  • Learning to cooperate in technical and administrative assistance.
  • Generating Franco-Italian productions.
  • Creating dynamic movements of population, by suggesting a cross-access to events (the French public in Italy and Italian in France).
  • Implementing training of high level, on the artistic, administrative and technical
  • Increasing shows exchanges and, in particular, the concerts of improvised music jazz.

LAMORO, Local Development Agency, Asti, Italy


"Le Cadran” theatre, Briançon, France

Arsis Music Association, France

Jazz club, Torino, Italy



The project includes a section devoted to training, with the aim of creating a Big Band, which will realise shows in the municipalities of the joint Italian-French department of Hautes-Alpes and in the provinces of Turin and Cuneo.

The selected musicians will perform a training program consisting of musical stage including weekly orchestral rehearsals, meetings with professional musicians of the Torino Jazz Orchestra and with jazz artists of national and international importance.
The internship is aimed to set up the youth jazz orchestra of Turin, that complementing the Torino Jazz Orchestra, will start an introductory course to become professional jazz musician.


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