Agricultural Territorial Pact in "Val Bormida and Alta Langa"

Soggetti Promotori

Provincia di Cuneo

Comunità Montana delle Valli

Provincia di Asti

Comunità Montana Alta Langa

Comune di Alba

Comunità Montana
Langa Astigiana Val Bormida

Comune di Canelli


Territorial Context

The area involved in the Territorial Pact “Valle Bormida and Alta Langa” is composed of 59 Municipalities: 46 in the province of Cuneo and 13 in Asti. Fifty-five Municipalities are sited in rural disadvantaged areas and they are subdivided among four different territorial associations in mountain Regions: “Alta Langa Montana”, “Langa delle Valli Bormida and Uzzone” and “Langa Astigiana Val Bormida”.

The four remaining Municipalities don’t fall into Community Objectives-areas, but they are involved in the Pact because they are culturally and economically linked to the area..

These areas are composed of disadvantaged territories characterised by river erosion processes, hydro-geological instability and decentralisation from regional relevant industrial centres.
Such factors contributed to work against economic, industrial and infrastructures development.

The direct consequences of this kind of phenomenon have been: resident population reduction.
The area's economic structure is characterised by an handcraft base, small enterprises and die-processes.

Tourism is low-developed but has an increasing potential concerning above all Saturdays and Sundays trips. People are attracted by landscape and typical cookery.

Agricultural sector

The area is mostly characterised by agriculture presence now in decline for the following reasons:

1 Chemical pollution deriving from Acna of Cengio
2 Strong emigration phenomenon (1950-1960s).
3 “Landed anorexia” or agricultural farms decrease, not corresponding with land disposability increase.

The “Val Bormida Alta Langa” Territorial Pact Promoters Steering-group identified the following development fields:

Hazelnut production
“Valle Belbo’s" potatoes production



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