The PICRIT project, co-funded by the ALCOTRA 2007-2013 Programme, aims at finding effective measures to cope with natural hazards to which cross-border areas of Italy and France are constantly exposed, enhancing the effectiveness of well-established systems of civil protection and management of national emergencies.

The territory, due to the conformation of the area characterized by approximately 73% of hilly and mountainous areas, is exposed to a range of natural hazards (landslides, flooding, avalanches, earthquakes and forest fires).

PICRIT intends to build systems and procedures for the coordination of cross-border initiatives in the field of risk prevention, civil protection and emergency management, paying particular attention to the safety of the European Critical Infrastructure (ECI) of the study area.


  • Strengthening the cooperation on civil protection, risk prevention of natural disasters, emergency management and rescue services themes, with particular attention to issues such as accidents, and infrastructure failures.
  • Improving the effectiveness of means for the prevention of natural and technological hazards, and of actions to be taken in case of emergency, through the creation of a database of cross-border Critical Infrastructures,  and the construction of protocols of cooperation between the organizations in charge, on the Italian and French side, to allow the exchange of information, know-how and harmonization of operational methods.
  • Strengthening command and control centers, with the aim of proposing joint simulations, exercises and practical interventions over the whole cross border area, in collaboration with institutions and associations of civil protection in the area.
  • Improving the safety of cross border area, including the assessment of impacts of catastrophic events, that may affect the functionality of critical infrastructures and the consequences on other infrastructure and on the area ("domino effects").
  • Investigating, disseminating and making the knowledge on risk prevention and emergency management accessible, while strengthening the information to the involved operators and the population, with specific focus on cross border alpine areas.
  • Involving civil protection groups of the provinces of Cuneo and Turin and of the Départment des Alpes de Haute Provence, consolidating relations and developing a trans-national cooperation for efficient crisis management on the territory.



LAMORO (Lead partner)

SDIS 04 - Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours des Alpes de Haute-Provence

SiTI - Istituto Superiore sui Sistemi Territoriali per l’Innovazione (Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation)






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