The European Projects’ area aims to offer support and consultancy for the fund’s research at a community level.

One of the main goal of this area is to carry out the synergies between the local development policies and the European directives to develop cross-national projects, with the final purpose to allow the local territorial Bodies to enjoy the add value given by the cooperation with other countries, the use of good practices and new methodologies.

The public and private territorial bodies which want to enjoy such a financings are supported by the Society through the all path of the project planning: finding out the partnership, working-out, drafting and submission of the project proposal, supporting the Body during the management, the promotion and the spreading of the project’s results.

The area is interested in almost all the macroeconomic development sectors of intervention:

Cross national Cooperation: Interreg programs between border countries (Italy- France and Italy –Swiss), transnational areas (Alpine Space and West Mediterranean) and the interregional areas (Interreg IIIC)

Cooperation with East Europe Countries (new members and candidate countries) (PHARE, TACIS, CARDS programs), with North African countries (MEDA), Asian (ASIA-Link, ASIA proEco, Asia-Urbs) and with Latin American countries (AL-Invest)

Instruction and culture: SOCRATES, LEONARDO, GIOVENTU’,
MEDIA PLUS programs

Research and development: VI Outline program for Innovation and technology
Social Cohesion: actions for the safeguard of human rights and against discrimination (AGIS, EIDHR, DAPHNE programs)

Environment: (LIFE, Natura 2000, SMAP), actions for the safeguard and the valorisation of the natural and environmental resources.

Services offered

Information is one of the essential aspects in the relationship with the European Union. The European projects’ area has realised a group specialised in finding out the European information in order to provide with promptness, consistency and efficiency best results.
The service can offer to small companies and local Bodies all the information concerning the European opportunities in different sectors of action. The information is then organized in themes and different kind of beneficiary, in order to guide the interested subjects towards the opportunity that best fit them.

Project planning
The Agency offers the technical support and the consultancy necessary in helping the public and private Bodies involved to focus on the activities and projects that could be eligible for European financings. Then the Agency carries out the phases of the planning, the drafting and the submission of the project proposal to the European commission according to the different programs’ procedures.
The working method is already successful: from the evaluation of the project ideas, the focusing on possible options and the problem, beneficiaries and goals identification to the short, medium and long run impact evaluation.

Partners search
A lot of attention is given to the partners research, form Italy and from abroad. Each project presented to the European commission (or to the proper authority) in order to call for a co financings has to be supported by a transnational partnership composed of a varying number of partners coming from different EU member states. Some programs allow the participation of extra community partners as well.
Through its own cross national network of information and communication and databases of which the Agency is part, it is possible to identify the public or private bodies eligible to be project partners. The main goal is to be able to find out reliable and experienced subjects in the sector of the project action. A solid partnership is in fact one of the most important selection criteria and one of the winning factors for a successful European project.

Support in the carrying out of the project
The projects presented and approved by the European Commission can have a varying length and they demand a great and continuous engagement to be carried out. Once the project has been financed, it is necessary to offer a continuous support for the overall length, with activities that vary from the management of the project itself to the financial statements and the drafting of technical reports as well as the strategy of results diffusion. The Agency offers all the services mentioned above and carries on the relationship with the European level.

Projects results diffusion  
The European commission promotes innovative projects and their diffusion is important on the overall European area. For such reason one of the aim of the Agency is the study and the realization, in partnership with its clients, of the best way to promote and spread on the territory the results achieved with the European projects.




The “Langhe Monferrato Roero Countryside and Literary Park” project promotes the countryside and cultural heritage of Lower Piedmont through an itinerary that integrates several different “literary itineraries” to discover the places where some famous authors worked and lived.


The Langhe Monferrato and Roero Agency has successfully achieved the best international quality certificates according to the standard ISO 9001:2008

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