Listen to the Voice of Villages

Rural territories often face many problems concerning depopulation. Young people are the most likely to move, in their research of better job opportunities.

Tourism represents a crucial sector for both enhancing attractiveness of marginal rural villages and creating new job opportunities but also in order to safeguard cultural and traditional heritage through new sustainable tourist structures.

LISTEN TO VOICE OF VILLAGES project aims at promoting competitiveness and attractiveness in rural villages, improving their economic performance, as well as considering the quality of life of the resident people integration.



- To enhance competitiveness and attractiveness of marginal rural villages with unexploited natural, cultural craft

- To define and draft a new territorial governance model regarding these territories, aiming at linking within a specific network all the subjects involved in the development of the territories, according to an integrated approach;

- To develop and promote at transnational level the tourist territorial products.


Partners involved in the project belong to nine European Area. They are all expert in the tourist sector and interested in developing a new tool of sustainable tourism and rural area enhancing.

Leading partner

The leading partner is Provincia Autonoma di Trento_ servizio rapporti comunitari e sviluppo locale, Italia

The other parners are:

Università degli studi di Trento – Dipartimento di informatica e studi aziendali – gruppo di ricerca eTourism, Italia


Center za razvoj Litija, d.o.o. (Development centre Litija), Slovenia

České Švýcarsko o.p.s. (Bohemian Switzerland, public benefit organization), Repubblica Ceca

Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Opolskiego (Marshal's Office of Opolskie Voivodeship),  Polonia

Krajský úřad Ústeckého Kraje (Regional Authority of Ustecky region), Repubblica Ceca

Landkreis Forchheim - Wirtschaftsförderung, Kreisentwicklung (District Office Forcheim - Department of Economic Development), Germania

Univesität für Bodenkultur (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna), Austria


The pilot project of Lamoro involves the city of Alessandria and some little municipalities around in order to develop tourism in rural areas by experimenting a new governance model defined within the project.

Lamoro is responsible for the Work package 5: transnational network for capitalization.

This work package is aimed to the capitalization and long term sustainability of the results of the project.

The crucial output of this package is the setting up of the VITAL VILLAGES transnational association that is concerned with monitoring of pilot projects and ownership of governance model in order to spread it among its members; transnational capitalization and promotion of vital villages and their tourist products offer, promote association enlargement and work programme.









The “Langhe Monferrato Roero Countryside and Literary Park” project promotes the countryside and cultural heritage of Lower Piedmont through an itinerary that integrates several different “literary itineraries” to discover the places where some famous authors worked and lived.


The Langhe Monferrato and Roero Agency has successfully achieved the best international quality certificates according to the standard ISO 9001:2008

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